Russian Su-33UB Flanker D 1:72, Trumpeter Item Number TRP1669

Plastic Model Kit: Requires assembly and painting

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    Su-33UB is a two-seat trainer/strike version of the Su-33 naval deck fighter. Trainer features general "integral triplane layout" of latest Sukhoi aircraft. It has side-by-side cocpit similar to the Su-34 strike aircraft, but has a 'round' nose of its naval predecessor. Su-33UB also has completely new larger (by 1/3) wing, providing 15...20% range increace and low landing speed. Side-by-side arrangement for trainer was chosen to provide the naval pilots with the "feeling of a friend's elbow" and to reduce the workload on the crew. It also will reduce workload during combat missions, where the pilot sits "elbow-to-elbow" with a weapons officer.