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    Track Clip 100 pack by AFX Slot Car Racing
    Item Number: AFX1014

    Keepin' It Together . . .

    AFX track is designed to go together and come apart easily while still maintaining excellent electrical contact. But sometimes it is good to have the track pieces stay together a little more firmly. AFX Track Clips are designed to secure the junction of two pieces of track in a way that is solid but easy to remove without doing damage to the track. Here are some of the reasons you may want to use them:

    # Setting up a semi-permanent layout and don't want to glue or nail the track to the surface.
    # Creating a permanent layout and want to eliminate gaps at the track junctions to make the track smoother and quieter.
    # Making a layout that uses a lot of overpasses which try to pull apart the track pieces.
    # Building multi-lane layout with bank curves where the centrifugal forces try to work the track pieces apart.

    # Easy-On, Easy-Off: Press into place with your thumb and remove with a small screwdriver
    # Mounts Nearly Flush to Back of Track: Clips are out of sight and don't cause 'teeter tottering' on hard surfaces.
    # High Quality Stainless Spring Steel: Maintain their strength and don't corrode
    # Completely Closes Gaps Between Track Pieces: Makes track nearly seamless, smoother and quieter

    AFX Track Clips are sold in packs of 10, 25 and 100. Two clips are used on each track junction.