193 Loco/Track Maintenance Lube & Cleaner 3-Pack (HO), Atlas Ho Model Trains Item Number ATL193

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    Atlas Gear Lubricant:

    For use on all gears, bushings, and shafts.

    Works on all gauges.

    Plastic compatible.

    Applies with a small applicator like a toothpick or brush.

    Excess lubricant may be returned to bottle.

    Atlas Heavy Duty Motor Bearing Lube:

    For all motor bushings, bearings, valve gear, axles, and side rods.

    "Needle point" applicator is included.

    Plastic compatible.

    Atlas Conducta Lube Cleaner:

    Locomotive motor lubricant and track cleaner.

    Restores and lubes commutators and brushes.

    "Needle point" applicator is included.

    Plastic compatible.

    Atlas lubes can be removed from treated areas with rubbing alcohol.

    Lubricants are safe and non-toxic. Conducta lube cleaner is practically non-toxic (see COMMENTS).