The Australian Army WW II, Osprey Publishing Item Number OSPELI153

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    The Australian Army Ww-Ii by Osprey
    Item Number: OSPELI153

    Elite 153
    Author: Mark Johnston
    Illustrator: Carlos Chagas
    About this book
    This book recounts the organization and deployment of one of the most important fighting armies of World War II. Australian divisions made a large and distinctive contribution to victory both in the deserts of the Middle East and the jungles of the South-West Pacific,earning for the second time a unique reputation for aggressiveness, endurance and independence of spirit. The text is illustrated with original wartime photos from all fronts; and with full colour plates showing a wide range of uniforms and gear, together with the complex and colourful Australian system of unit insignia.

    ' Introduction ' legacy of the First Australian Imperial Force in WW I ' Organization of Australian Military Forces, 1939: AIF and CMF ' orbats of armies, corps, divisions & brigades ' divisional organizations ' Campaigns: Libya 1940 ' Siege of Tobnruk ' Greece, Crete & Syria ' Alamein. The Japanese onslaught ' SW Pacific 1943'44 ' final campaigns 1945. ' Major formations & combat histories ' Uniforms and insignia

    Paperback; June 2007; 64 pages; ISBN: 9781846031236