The German Freikorps 1913-23, Osprey Publishing Item Number OSPELI76

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    The German Freikorps 1913-23 by Osprey
    Item Number: OSPELI76

    Elite 76
    Author: Carlos Caballero Jurado
    Illustrator: Ramiro Bujeiro
    About this book
    The troops returning home to Germany after the 1918 Armistice found their country riven by internal unrest, and its eastern borders threatened. Though reluctant to support the new Republic, the many Free Corps formed by ex-Imperial soldiers fought furiously against Communist revolutionaries at home and Polish and Bolshevik Russian pressure on the frontiers. Later providing much of the manpower for the new Reichswehr, the Free Corps would have strong links with the nascent Nazi Party. This concise account of a little-known but central episode in the history of 20th century Germany is illustrated with rare photographs, and ten colour plates showing unprecedented details of uniforms and insignia.

    The German Army in November 1918 ' The Communist threat ' The threat to the borders - Poland; the Baltic ' The birth of the Freikorps ' The major FKs, and their enemies ' the Kapp Putsch, Berlin 1920 ' the Baltic Coast ' The Reichswehr, 1923

    Paperback; September 2001; 64 pages; ISBN: 9781841761848